Zoning & Planning

Please click here to read Passyunk Square Civic Assocations’s zoning guidelines and information for applications.

Zoning Meetings
Second Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM
Saint Maron’s at 1013 Ellsworth Street

To get on the zoning agenda or other questions, please email:
zoning@passyunk [dot] org

Next Zoning Meeting:

To find out the agenda for the next Zoning Committee Meeting or to see the results of the most recent meeting, click here.

Map of Passyunk Square boundaries for zoning cases (Broad St to S. 6th St, Washington Ave to Tasker St)

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PSCA Zoning Cases and Status



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  1. […] Results from the August 11 zoning meeting are as follows: 737 Earp – will need to return in September because our committee member, Eric, discovered that the plans were wrong 1202 Ellsworth (3rd floor addition to existing single family) – Unanimous vote in non opposition from committee and community. 1535 S. 10th (take out food request) – Unanimous opposition from committee and community. 1108-10 Federal – will need to return in September to resolve a boundary/ownership issue with the lot in question. Email zoning@passyunk.org with any questions regarding the Zoning Committee or visit passyunksquare.org/zoning. […]

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