City Services

Police & Fire Emergencies: 911
South Detectives Division: 215-686-3013
Community Relations Officer: 215-686-3033
State Police: 215-560-6200
Sanitation Police: 215-685-3097
Septa Police: 215-580-4131
Police Dept Reports Forms

Electrical Emergency: 215-841-4141
Gas Emergency: 215-235-1212
Water & Sewer Emergency: 215-592-6300
Snow Emergency Towing: 215-686-SNOW
Comcast Cable Emergency: 215-468-2222
Poison Control Emergency: 215-386-2100
Food Poisoning: 215-685-7494

Block Captain Info: 215-685-3993
Town Watch Info: 215-686-1454
Abandoned Autos: 215-683-2277
Abandoned Houses: 215-686-2463
Public Housing Complaints: 215-684-4001

Rat Control: 215-685-9701
Insect Control: 215-685-9027

Street Lighting & Traffic Signs: 215-686-5560
Handicapped Parking Signs: 215-683-9741
Residential Parking Permit: 215-683-9730
Potholes & Repaving: 215-686-5560
Fire Hydrant Leaks: 215-685-6300

Un-shoveled Sidewalks: 215-686-5560
Street Snow Plowing: 215-686-5560

Graffiti Removal: 215-685-9556
Noise & Air Complaints: 215-685-7580
Asbestos Complaints: 215-685-7576

Bulk Trash: 215-685-4290
Emergency Trash Removal: 215-685-4290
Tires Trash: 215-686-5189
Trash in Parks: 215-685-0116
Hazardous Waste Drop-Off: 215-686-5560
Sanitation Code Warnings: 215-685-5618
Trash Dumped in Lots: 215-686-2144
Illegal Dumping: 215-686-5560
Dumpster Complaints: 215-685-4275
Food Disposal Violations: 215-823-7495
Recycling Bin: 215-685-RECYCLE

Block Party Permits: 215-686-3488
Block Party Permits Guide

Fire Hydrant Sprinklers Permits: 215-686-1391
Parade Permits: 215-686-2489
Fairmount Park Picnic & Special Event Permits: 215-685-0060
Bicycle Route Maps
Playgrounds & Recreation Centers

Home Improvement Permits: 215-686-2467
Temporary Construction Dumpsters Permit: 215-686-5500
Temporary No Parking Sign Requests: 215-686-5525
Driveway Paint Permit: 215-686-5560
Loading Zone Sign Permit: 215-683-9742

Dog Licensing: 215-685-LOST
Animal Nuisance & Control: 215-685-9054
Animal Cruelty: 215-426-6300
Dead Animals: 215-686-5560

Dept. of Human Services: 215-686-6100
Mobile Mental Health Team: 215-695-6440
W.O.A.R.: 215-922-3434
Senior Citizen Help Line: 215-765-9040
Homeless: 215-232-1984

Truancy Hotline: 215-462-7693
Tobacco Sales to Minors: 800-99-SMOKE
Youth & Gangs: 215-685-9521

Drug Addiction Hotline: 888-545-6200
Drugs Hotline: 215-685-1145
South Narcotics Field Unit: 215-685-4141

Business Compliance: 215-685-3709
Better Business Bureau: 215-496-1000
Tenant Action Group: 215-575-0700
City Government Fraud: 215-686-1772
Consumer Hotline: 800-441-2555
L&I (Licenses & Inspections) Complaints

City of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Revenue Dept
City Code & Charter
Search Property Assessments
Philadelphia Neighborhoods Online

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Dept of Revenue
Pennsylvania Public Records
Search Pennsylvania Public Records

Internal Revenue Service
Social Security Administrations
Department of Veterans Affairs
US Dept of Energy – Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network

Elected Area Officials
(Find Your Elected Representatives)

1st District Councilman Frank DiCicco: 215-686-3458
Councilman At-Large James F. Kenney: 686-3450
Mayor John Street Action Center: 215-686-3000
PA Representative, District 186, Harold James: 215-462-3308
PA Senator, District 1, Vincent J. Fumo: 215-468-3866
PA Governor Edward G. ‘Ed’ Rendell: 717-787-2500
U.S. Representative Robert A. Brady: 215-389-4627
U.S. Senator Robert Casey: 215-405-9660
U.S. Senator Arlen Specter: 215-597-7200


Snow from the sidewalk must be removed by the property owner, agent or tenant, as the owner may determine, by city ordinance, at the end of a snowstorm.

Un-shoveled Sidewalks and Street Snow Plowing: 215-686-5560

Please help keep our neighborhood clean and safe.

The evening before trash pick-up is a good time to sweep your pavement and curb.

Do not put trash out before 7 p.m. the evening before pick-up. Seal it in plastic trash bags, and bundle loose material like branches (up to 3′ long).

For pick-up of furniture, call 215-685-4290 on the day before trash pick-up.

Because of excessive complaints, street cleaning by the City has been discontinued. It is now your responsibility to keep your pavement and curbside clean.

A City Ordinance requires you to maintain your property and keep it clean. A fine of $25 or more can be assessed for trash that is on your property at times other than the day of pick-up or the night before. Fines for littering can be up to $300.

Sanitation Convenience Centers for non-commercial refuse drop-off:
8:00 am to 6:00 pm – Monday through Saturday
1600 S. 51st Street off Grays Ave.
3033 S. 63rd St. (entrance on 61st St. side)

Litter Prevention Education: 215-575-5823
S.W.E.E.P.: 215-685-5618
Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee – 215-685-3981

Parking, Sidewalks, Street Lights & Signs FAQ
Dumpster Law
Hazardous Waste Disposal
Alleys, Driveways & Retaining Walls
Potholes & Repaving
Snow Emergency Routes


Recycling is the law in Philadelphia. If you don’t recycle, you can be fined up to $300.

Recycling materials are picked up every other week, on the same day regular trash is picked up.

Recycle mixed paper:
Newspapers including inserts
Junk mail
Envelopes with or without windows
Telephone books
Cereal type boxes – like cookie, cracker, cake mix without liners and gift boxes
Home office paper
Stationery and other clean paper
Place mixed paper beside your recycling bin in a paper bag or tied with a string.

Recycle commingled materials:
Metal cans
Aluminum cans
Empty aerosol cans without caps
Empty paint cans air dried
Paint can lids separated from the paint cans
Glass bottles and jars
Place these items in your city recycling bucket or bin.

The City does not collect Plastic items, but provides plastic drop-off sites through the Philadelphia Partnership Recycling Program.

The city provides different drop-off locations for household hazardous waste products.
Call 215-686-5560
Philadelphia Streets Dept

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  1. Please stop by tonight to hear updates on the future Hawthorne Park project, speakers from The Philadelphia Horticultural Society and HEC will present plans and discuss progress on the park. Refreshments will be provided.

    Please note the start time is earlier than normal, 6:30 PM, at the Hawthorne Rec Center, 1200 Carpenter Street.

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